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How large is your sample

My sample is larger than 1μm.
(Micro particles)

My sample is smaller than 1μm.
(Nano particles)

Do you have enough number of particles?

Many enough for size distribution analysis.

I want to measure a few particles in a pure water, or clean room air.

Where do you want to measure?

I want to measure in the lab.

I want to measure on-line/in-line in the factory.

High throughput, repeatability/ High accuracy, resolution

High throughput measurement with a few minutes/sample is preferable.

I want to count each particle to obtain accurate and high resolution particle size distribution.

Zeta Potential measurement

I want to measure zeta potential as well as
the particle size.

Zeta potential measurement is not necessary.

Molecular weight/ Particle count

I want to measure absolute molecular weight and
hydro-dynamic diameter using liquid chromatography.

I want to count the number of each nano-particles
with each size

Connection to liquid chromatography

I want to measure the size/molecular weight with a liquid chromatography,
to get continuous data, as well as the stand-alone measurement

Just stand-alone measurement is enough.

Identification of the particle/ measurement range

I want to count 2 different particles with different density, respectively.

I want to measure particles down to 30nm.

Volume based measurement / number based measurement

Volume based measurement with high throughput
and good repeatability is preferable.

Number based measurement with good accuracy
and high resolution is preferable.

Solid particle or emulsion / Spray mist

I want to measure solid particles, emulsion, or bubble

I want to measure the mist of spray.




Raman spectrum

I want to measure the size and shape parameters for each particles

I want to measure the size and shape parameters
and their Raman spectrum, to identify each particles.

Measurement range / probe type

I want to monitor the particles, mainly over1μm,
which is going through a tubing.

I want to measure particles over 50μm, in a tank or tubing, using very robust measuring probe.

Imaging analysis / Electric resistance

I want to measure the particles using imaging analysis,
to get shape information of the particles.

I want to count the particles by electric
conductivity information.

Auto sampler

Auto sampler is NOT necessary.

Auto sampler is necessary.

My recommendation is:


Measurement range:0.01μm~3500μm
Laser Diffraction method
most commonly used analyzer

Product page

Zetasizer nano ZSP

Measurement range: 0.3nm~several μm
It can measure particle size & zeta potential
Easy and common way to measure nano particles

Product page

Morphologi G3

Measurement range: 0.5μm~1000μm
It can measure particle size and shape parameters with imaging technology

Product page

Morphologi G3-ID

Measurement range: 0.5μm~1000μm
It can measure particle size and shape and
identify each particle by Raman spectrum

Product page




Measurement range: 0.1~2500μm Laser diffraction
It has communication function and wet/dry sampling system with explosion proof

Product page


Measurement range:50μm~6000μm
It counts particles in a process with space filtering method
There are wet/dry sampling system for it

Product page


Measurement range: 0.5um~120um
Electric resistance particle counter
Number based particle size measurement is possible

Product page


Measurement range: 30nm~1μm
Nano tracking method
High resolution number based particle size distribution can be obtained

Product page


Measurement range: Around 100nm ~ 5um
It can distinguish "floating" particle from "sinking" particles by the densities
Good for bio-pharmaceuticals and ultra-fine bubbles

Product page



Absolute molecular weight can be obtained by static light scattering detector with a liquid chromatography system (GPC/SEC)
Polymer branching analysis, and oligomerization analysis for protein are possible

Product page



MicroCal DSC

MicroCal ITC

Ask Particle Measurement Systems

Product page

Zetasizer μV

Measurement range: 0.15nm~1μm
Dynamic light scattering (DLS). It can do both of stand-alone/continuous measurement with chromatography

Product page


Measurement range: 0.1 ~ 900 µm or 2 ~ 2000 µm
It can measure the size trend by taking the data every 1/10000 second

Product page

Zetasizer nano S

Measurement range:0.3nm~severalμm
Dynamic light scattering method
Common way to measure nano particles

Product page

Zetasizer APS

Measurement range: 0.15nm~1μm
Dynamic light scattering method with 96 or 384 well plate auto sampler
Good for protein samples

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